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CBD Massage

60/90 min


CBD Massage can help decrease inflammation, promote better local circulation and reduce muscle aches and pains. Our regular strength CBD oil comes from CBD Clinic, in two formulas. Relax has Lavender and Camphor to stimulate the senses and soothe your aches away; and the Revive formula pairs Orange and Clove essential oils with Camphor and Peppermint, to leave you refreshed and revitalized!

Extra Strength CBD Massage

60/90 min


Need a little more oomph? Extra Strength CBD massage packs a bit more punch! It has more CBD, 5% Camphor, and 10% Menthol which not only helps with sore, achy, tired muscles but leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day... or take a nap ;-)

New! Warm Bamboo Massage

60 min


A luxurious massage with heated bamboo or rattan rods designed to melt away tension. Includes warm scented oil and hot towel wrap for the face.

Deep Pressure Massage



Customized for each client individually using various techniques including Neuromuscular release, Myofascial release, Manual Ligament Therapy, LIFT Method, Structural Integration, and Hot/Cold Therapy to relieve tension and pain.

Swedish Massage



Long fluid strokes combined with gentle kneading designed to melt away stiffness, aches and pains and promote relaxation. By far our most requested Service! 

Prenatal Massage



Designed to relieve aches and pains in a comfortable, safe position for you and your tiny human.

Exfoliating Full Body Dry Brush

A full body service designed to slough off dead skin cells and increase blood flow to the healthy cells beneath.



Add a little spice to your massage with these luxurious treats!



Hot Stone Treatment

4-8 heated stones are used to warm and soften connective tissue, improve local circulation, and melt away stiffness.


Eucalyptus Scalp Massage


See Salon for Seasonal Specials!

Gift Cards Available

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